The main production lines

Laminil is an excellent support
that makes versatility its main feature

Main Production Lines




The result of the union between extruded polystyrene foam and two sheets of paper, cardboard or other plasticized material. It is one of the most used media for advertising in visual merchandising, exhibition stands, packaging and graphic arts.



BioLaminil is a consequence of the eco-sustainable policies of Isonova and is the first biodegradable support of its kind. Produced and distributed by Isonova since the end of 2017, BioLaminil represents an important step forward in plastics. In fact, when disposed of or if dispersed in the environment, it degrades into simple molecules in an average time of 5 years depending on the humidity level.



Isothermal boxes for the cold chain sector, mainly for the pharmaceutical and food sectors. They are customizable and delivered flat, unlike the thermoformed EPS boxes,
offering considerable space saving during storage and
an important economic saving in transport.



Extruded polystyrene foam panels laminated with silver P.E.T. with high insulating and heat reflecting power, to be installed between the radiator and the wall to increase the heating output, reducing the heat loss through the walls by about 35-40%.


isoprint-logo-pannelli-stampa-digitale-espositori-isonovaSandwich panel ideal for digital printing


poliplat-logo-materiale-modellismo-plastici-belle-arti-laminil-isonovaPoliplat is a versatile support dedicated specifically to the field of fine arts, prototyping and modelling for design and architecture. It can be hand-worked, painted or cut with the cutter and easily transformed thanks to its lightness and elastic memory.

Silver, Gold e Nero Lam


Laminil is dressed in silver, glossy gold or black, to offer a sophisticated and unusual finish suitable for creating luxury packs, visual displays, window signage, advertising projects and promotions.


About Quality

Laminil is a versatile material adapts to multiple uses. The name “Laminil” characterizes a range of materials characterized by a typical “sandwich” structure: a panel of extruded expanded polystyles, dubbed with sheets in various materials.



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