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“ The energy-saving panel

Termolam is the panel with insulating and heat-reflecting properties that reduces heat dispersion from homes, offices and indoor environments in general.
Its use is very simple and accessible: just place a Termolam panel between the radiator and the wall to reduce the heat dispersion up to 40% through the wall.
At the same time, the panel reflects the heat of the radiator and contributes to increasing the heat output to the interior of the room by up to 90%.
Clearly, Termolam‘s use is an improvement that, at the same cost of heating and without facing expensive investments for structural improvements, increases heat output.
Installing Termolam contributes to sustainability and attention to the environment: the panel optimizes existing heat and fights thermal dispersion.
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How does the panel Termolam work?

Termolam has been developed by Isonova and made in Italy, it is a “sandwich panel“, consisting of extruded expanded polystyrene panel laminated with sheets of metalized P.E.T.
Termolam is an article of the Laminil® range, the intelligent and versatile material with heat insulation properties. Termolam exalts these features thanks to the lamination with metalized P.E.T., a material that helps reflecting

towards the inside of the room the heat produced by the radiator.
Termolam is sold by ISONOVA on   Amazon »   in the 80 x 100 cm format.
The product is growing in popularity with architects and construction companies as well as private citizens looking for quick and effective solutions to energy saving.
In fact, Termolam is an easy to access tool for improving the energy performance of your heating system.
If installed between the radiator and the wall, Termolam increases up to 90% the heat output towards the inside of the room and reduces the heat loss through the walls by 35% -40%, even more in case of insulated wall. The amount of energy transmitted by the panel is effective even at low temperatures, and the warmth resulting from it, it is pleasant and natural.
Termolam is a particularly effective solution in all buildings that are not equipped with high insulation and have structural heat insulation issues.
Following the step-by-step instructions included in the pack, Termolam is easy to be installed thanks to its rigidity, allowing a smooth cut, and its flexibility, allowing you to bend the panel to fit it under window seals. By placing more than one panel side by side, it becomes suitable to any size of radiant heat exchanger.
It is not necessary to remove the heater to install the Termolam panel, which can be regularly removed for cleaning or wall painting.
Once installed, Termolam is invisible and does not interfere with the aesthetics of the environment; its effect is immediate speeding up the heating of the rooms; it does not cause fumes and it is free from harmful substances.
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Saving on heating bills

“ a clever choice ”

Termolam contributes to increasing the heat output from your heating system thanks to its insulating and heat-reflecting properties.
It is an cheap operation with immediate results, advisable in all those cases in which the thermal insulation needs to be improved avoiding structural interventions. In fact, structural changes require investment, long time, specialized manpower, and not always it is allowed to make changes to buildings subject to architectural constraints.
Applying Termolam to your interior spaces is an operation that you can do yourself without asking any permission.
Whether alone or in conjunction with thermal valves and other energy-saving features such as double glazing and better plumbing, Termolam allows you to decrease your annual heating bill while maintaining the temperature for longer with the same radiator.
Installing heat-reflecting panels is a clever and virtuous behaviour reflecting increasing attention to waste containment, inefficiencies and reduction of our lifestyles impact on the environment. It is acknowledged that individual’s attention to sustainability can make the difference, without missing out on anything but simply by altering habits.
Inserting Termolam behind the radiators before the winter it is a good practice for both the family budget and the environment: in fact, lower heating consumption means lower emissions in the atmosphere of pollutants such as Pm10, which in the winter months aggravate the conditions of air in our cities. Moreover, lower carbon dioxide emissions and pollutants in the atmosphere are the key to limiting the greenhouse effect and the consequences for the climate change which we are all experiencing.
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