Leaflets & brochures visual displays

Custom visual displays for shops, libraries, public offices.
For leaflets, brochures, depliant, postcards, magazines and books

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Visual Displays in for Leaflets/Booklets

“ capture the interest of the consumer ”

Your printed communication needs visual display capable of capturing the interest of your audience. Informing and enticing are the objectives of leaflets for commerce and tourism: leaflets, brochures, booklets, tourist maps, postcards, discount coupons.

LAMINIL® panels can help you to highlight your printed materials, arising the curiosity of the consumer, enticing them to take a away the leaflet.  It is a fundamental first step to get in touch with your target, to make sure that he/she will read what you want to communicate, will see your logo, your brand identifying your image.

LAMINIL® is the right material for visual displays. It will help you present brochures/leaflets in stable and durable structures but with a creative touch, engaging the consumer. A reliable and practical material, it can be shaped with maximum creativity to interpret the values ​​and contents of your communication strategy.

The LAMINIL® range includes panels of various thicknesses in various finishes suitable for both premium releases and for limited budgets projects, utilizing sophisticated digital printing, with glossy, opaque, gold and silver finishes.

LAMINIL® will be the best support for:

  • large visual displays which maintain shape and stability over time
  • displays with pockets, even with internal compartments to hold other brochures for refills
  • counter top or floor visual displays
  • displays for leaflets with more complex shapes, achieved by die-cutting LAMINIL®
  • displays and totems for seasonal or long-term promotions, thanks to the excellent durability of LAMINIL®
  • multimedia displays connecting to tablets, PCs or with interactive maps, for example in the tourism sector


Frequent applications of Laminil®

Here are some versatile uses of LAMINIL® exhibitors for paper materials:


  • Display with shaped crowner for promotional cards
  • Displays for magazines and books
  • Displays for Marketing projects
  • Depliant displays in travel agencies
  • Maps, tourist brochures displays in tourist offices and airports
  • Brochures displays in public offices, shops, banks
  • Promotional leaflets displays
  • Flyers and catalogues displays
  • CD displays
  • Rotairs


Gamma Laminil®, a product for every idea

LAMINIL® panels are available in 2, 3, 5, 7 and 10 mm thicknesses.

In the sector of floor and counter displays for informational materials, the most widely utilized LAMINIL® articles are:

  • NERO, SILVER and GOLD LAM, ideal for luxury products and food & beverage gift boxes


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