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New Marketing

“ on the point of sale ”

Marketing and visual merchandising are helping to renew the pharmacy POP sector.  Anyone who enters a store is welcomed by a variety of cosmetic visual displays, counter top displays for medicines and wellness products, contributing to a new attention to health, proper nutrition, and general well-being.

Without taking for granted the fundamental role of pharmacies, present locally, as a point of reference for health, Marketing can be of great help for the retail outlets to propose to consumers a series of alternative products to the classic treatments, still focusing on well-being and health.

In fact, the range of products available in pharmacies or drugstores extends from medicines with or without prescription to orthopedic products, cosmetics, early childhood games, celiac foods and dietary care supplements, sunscreens and various health care aids.

The pharmacist, thanks to his/her competence and relationship of trust with the clientele, has the task of presenting and proposing all those complementary products to satisfy the needs of the consumer.

An organized and engaging visual display, with adequate storefront space, is crucial to highlight brands, promotions and seasonal products (supplements, sunscreens, blister displays, etc): the so-called “Wellness Marketing”.

When we enter a pharmacy, we notice that the restyling of the store is important and that it is driven by Marketing and visual merchandising needs.

It is necessary to stand out among competitors (other pharmacies, drugstores, pharmacies in shopping malls, health stores, dietary products, organic supermarket) through:

  • the organization of the in-store space through the study of the purchasing mechanisms of consumers
  • attention to lighting, colour schemes and cleanliness
  • strategic positioning of products on shelves and displays
  • signage as “guides” on the shelves
  • promoter presence at the point of sale
  • organizing thematic showcases with the help of window display consultants
  • creation of areas for individual consultation, small dressings for blood pressure measurement
  • creation of relaxation areas for the elderly, pregnant women and children


Cosmetics: a matter of look

Cosmetics, makeup and hair products represent a products sector which focuses on beauty, aesthetics and attention to detail and trends. The image of the brand is crucial to convey the right message to the consumers and capturing the attention of potential buyers in a crowded store between the many proposals of other brands.

The materials used to dress the point of sales are a fundamental tool for communicating these values: rotairs, signage, totems, displays, counter top displays and promotional isles are the key to stand out in perfumeries, shopping malls , beauty department stores, hypermarkets and pharmacies.

The promotional items need to be well detailed and stay in perfect condition to portray a long-lasting image of the brand, printed with good resolution to represent the correct colours and customizable to achieve the desired shapes.



Promoting products on the point of sale

“ The tools ”

As far as the promotion of individual products is concerned, it is the manufacturer or distributor who deals with the actual promotional items to be placed at the point of sale, taking into account the marketing strategies and the visual merchandising requirements, as follows:

  • Counter top displays
  • Totems and floor displays
  • Promotional isles dedicated to a family of products
  • Window signage
  • Informative brochures and discount coupons to be handed out to customers
  • Gadgets
  • Rotairs and hanging boards

The following points should be taken into account to facilitate the work of retail operators who will use these items on the point of sale:

  • Ease of assembly
  • Details and look of the layout
  • The option to easily dismantle and reassemble the items without causing damage
  • Contained dimensions to fit in with other promotional items currently present in the display space
  • Small packaging for storing with pre-shaped items delivered flat
  • Stress and shock resistance, for consumers and children’s handling
  • Cleanliness of the materials (no dust or residue)
  • The materials should be non-toxic and safe (avoiding sharp edges)
  • Time resistance to maintain the colours and shapes for the duration of the promotion
  • Light-weight


Laminil® range

“ the visual display solution for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products ”

LAMINIL® panels meet the pharmaceutical products standards for the health / wellness and cosmetic sectors.  Visual displays in LAMINIL® CLASSIC, ISOPRINT, SILVER, BLACK and GOLD LAM are extremely popular in pharmacies, perfumeries and makeup department stores because they combine in one single material many features:

  • LAMINIL® panels are lightweight – this means ease of handling at the point of sale, during assembly and placement. In the event of accidental falls, the risk of injuries is minimized. It is a safe material, ideal for crowded places.
  • LAMINIL® panels have elastic memory and do not bend: the material recovers its original shape, after die cutting and during their lives on the point of sale. The material is stable and does not bend easily even when part of large displays. Totem, floor display and promo isles resist to wear and tear and can be used repeatedly in case of repeat promotions. They can be easily dismantled for storage, ready to be re-assembled again.
  • LAMINIL® panels can be converted to create silhouettes that are suitable for: brochure holding, shelving, self-standing displays, easy to mount even by non-experienced operators
  • LAMINIL® encourages creativity: clear and clean borders after die-cutting, soft to the touch, and articulated shapes.  Items can be personalised with various types of printing techniques. In particular, the article ISOPRINT allows high resolution printing to achieve detailed and impressive promotional items.
  • Infinite possibilities: Isonova is able to produce on demand LAMINIL® in various formats, in addition to the standard ones, customizable in various finishes: opaque and glossy paper or PET, even in gold, silver and black, very popular for cosmetics and luxury products. It is also possible to personalize the two sides with different finishes.
  • Delivering LAMINIL® items to retail outlets: weight saving during transport and storage, and the possibility to store materials flat to be able to assemble them only at the required time of use.


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