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Containers for Pharmaceuticals in Laminil®

“ safety and protection from heat ”

Isothermal containers for medicines are a fundamental tool for the logistics of the pharmaceutical industry.

Among the crucial issues that drug and biomedical products manufacturers have to deal with, it is the transport in controlled conditions. Keeping the temperature stable, within a range that varies depending on the characteristics of the product, is one of the crucial factors for maintaining unaltered the properties of the drugs during the various phases of handling and storage.

In particular, these become effective solutions during “the last mile” transport, i.e. the route from the local distribution centres to the final users: pharmacies and pharmaceutical dispensaries, medical centres, dental and veterinary clinics, hospital pharmacies, private clinics, etc.

In the process of planning the route of distribution and transport of the drugs, the thermal containers in LAMINIL® prove to be the best solution to guarantee that the thermal chain remains unaltered.

ISOLAMBOX isothermal boxes are produced with some of the articles of the LAMINIL® range, and are ideal for the transport of medicines, thanks to their thermal insulation properties.


The transport of pharmaceutical products

“ the issue of the last mile ”

The phase of tertiary transport of drugs, the so-called “last mile”, is subject to a series of events not directly under the control of the manufacturers, and this factor can compromise the stability of the temperature.

The drugs are collected at the right temperature by the transporters who deliver to pharmacies and health centres which will then sell them to consumers or use them for patients.  Even if a reliable delivery protocol is planned, external variables may intervene to alter transport conditions.

A typical case is that of the summer months, when temperatures exceed 30C ° and a brief stay in the heat during transport by the courier can put at risk the active ingredients of the drugs.  For example, when delivering to shops in the historical centres / pedestrian areas, a courier, even if using a refrigerated van, is obliged to park the vehicle, take out the packs and walk under the sunshine. Even if the pharmacy will make sure to store them at the recommended temperature, it is evident that the exposure to heat during the last mile transportation can affect the active ingredients.

ISOLAMBOX are the intelligent solution for medical products for temperature controlled transportation within 24 hours. The temperature is thus maintained unaltered during the journey from the warehouse to the final user: it is possible to produce box models that allow to insert the data logger not in direct contact with the ice used inside the box, to correctly monitor the average internal temperature.



Features of ISOLAMBOX

ISOLAMBOX are isothermal boxes made with sandwich panels from the LAMINIL® family of products.

ISOLAMBOX is produced with a panel made of an XPS foam produced in continuous cycle, thanks to particular extruders and without the use of CFC or HCFC. The XPS foam is laminated with Kraft paper on the outer sides and / or with laminated paper in P.E.T. metallized silver, to protect the product from light.

The thermal resistance of an isothermal box with a thickness of 5mm is equivalent to (Rm = m².K / W) Rm = 0.495

The LAMINIL® material makes ISOLAMBOX boxes extremely versatile and its strong mechanical elasticity offers resistance to shocks to protect the contents. Furthermore, LAMINIL® is a non-toxic material that does not release harmful substances and does not produce dust from its borders.

ISOLAMBOX medicine packs are available in 2-3-4-5 mm thicknesses and can be produced in custom sizes, using panels up to 1200 mm in size. They can be printed directly or laminated to printed substrates and then die cut or cut with plotter machinery, in various models such as American, casket or self-assembling. They can be easily customized with the logo by direct printing or lamination.

Unlike traditional preformed polystyrene boxes, ISOLAMBOX are foldable containers. The transport of flat boxes, unassembled, guarantees a reduction of up to 80% of the weight and volume in the warehouse. The packaging time is minimal and the containers are reusable, offering an important economic saving.


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