Isothermal food containers

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Isothermal Food Containers in Laminil®

“ practicality, protection and safety ”

Thermal containers for food transport are area valuable tool for the food and beverage industry, catering industry, by artisans who produce and process food (gastronomy, bakery, pastry shops) and above all by operators of the e-commerce.

Isothermal containers for food should satisfy a series of essential characteristics to safeguard the organoleptic properties of food and consumer safety. They must also be practical, reliable, ergonomic, easy to transport and store and must guarantee the protection of the contents from impacts and contaminations.

There are many categories of food packaging: plastic bottles and wrappers, aluminium trays, glass containers, polystyrene packaging.  In addition to containers that come into direct contact with food, there are also important requirements for secondary packaging, designed to protect the packaging of products from crushing, temperature changes, contamination.

The food packaging industry also widely uses boxes that meet both requirements: direct food contact and protection during transport of fresh products, cakes, sweets, pralines, ice creams and preparations for various domestic uses.


Food thermal boxes in Laminil®

Laminil® isothermal boxes are a valid alternative to thermoformed polystyrene boxes and thermal containers for food transport.

Thanks to their characteristics they find a growing use in confectionery, bakery, ice cream and high value food & beverage products, such as wines, liqueurs, chocolates.

The articles of the Laminil® range most suitable for food use are: Silver, Gold and Nero Lam for the production of Isolambox isothermal boxes.

Laminil® isothermal food boxes offer a series of essential qualities for the food sector:

  • Thermal seal

The Laminil® panel has an insulation property therefore a box made in Laminil® protects the contents from thermal changes both upwards and downwards. It is ideal for storing for up to 24 hours the food’s recommended temperature protecting also its consistency, healthiness and nutritional properties.

For example, it is widely used for the transport of frozen cakes, fresh pastries and pralines, since its isothermal properties allow to preserve the starting temperature to transport the product for up to 24 hours, for example, from the shop to consumer’s house. In the case of wines and liqueurs, the thermal packaging for the bottles (which can be manufactured as an elegant gift box) preserves the alcoholic beverages from sudden changes in temperature which could affect the aroma, taste and properties that characterize and distinguish them. Even in the case of chocolate and pralines, the transport in isothermal gift boxes in Laminil® makes it possible to consume this high-quality products even in the hottest months, when heat risks compromising its appearance, consistency and flavour.

Operators of the e-commerce sector choose Isolambox for sending their products to the consumers who purchase them on line, directly on their websites.  The iso-thermal box can be supplied together with a cardboard box for transport.  Inside the cardboard box, more than one iso-thermal box can be placed to optimize transportation. This way the e-commerce food supplier offers a guarantee to quality of the product delivered within 24 hours at controlled temperature, personalizing the box with its own logo.   The consumer can keep the box and re-use it for example as a gift box or for picnics.



    Advantages of Laminil® containers

    “ Security and flexibility ”

    • Flexible surface

    Unlike thermoformed polystyrene boxes that are traditionally used in the thermal transport of pastry and fresh products, the Laminil® packaging has the added value of its mechanical elasticity, which makes it suitable for creating customizable boxes for shape and size also resistant to mechanical stress.

    • Lightness and ease of transport / storage

    The Laminil® thermal packs are very light and, after the manufacturing, are sent to the buyer flat, pre-cut ready to be assembled, in order to reduce the transport costs and the space in the warehouse. They can be mounted in just a few steps at the time of use.

    • Food safety

    The Laminil® panel is a “sandwich” material, consisting of an inner core in polystyrene laminated with paper or cardboard or plasticized paper. Among the various options for food boxes is external coating with Kraft paper, suitable for food contact. Another effective option for food-grade isothermic boxes is the coating with white, silver or gold PET, in particular the silver option allows to reflect the sun’s rays and heat and to preserve the internal temperature for a longer period of time. The panel is safe in all its parts: the internal material does not release particles or micro powders and does not flake with use.

    • Customization

    Among the factors that favour a thermal box in Laminil® to a thermoformed polystyrene packaging, there is the customization of the graphics to portray the visual identity of the brand, in fact the external surface of the Laminil® panel can be printed with different techniques. It lends itself to become a gift, elegant and refined.

    Furthermore, the shape and the structure can be studied ad hoc, with ingenious and innovative solutions that often have innovated the food pack industry. The boxes can be self-assembled and come in different models and sizes, with or without carrying handles. They can be articulated in several shelves and internal compartments, to contain different products avoiding internal contact. They are stackable or suitable to fit together on thermal pallets for longer transportation times (up to 72 hours).

    The Isolambox for Gelaterie Milanesi has recently won the best food pack award in the Luxury Packaging Awards.


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