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“ for the paper converting industry: shape easily your projects ”

In the paper converting industry, traditional materials such as cardboard coexist in all their declinations, weights and finishes, with more contemporary materials, such as plasticized media of various types.

For some large-scale productions that prioritize cost containment, cardboard remains a reference point.

For all the most sophisticated, customized and long lasting projects, other materials such as Laminil® and its derivatives offer the best guarantees and optimum results.

The industry is experiencing a continuous evolution, and today, converters require higher quality and durability in smaller quantities. The investment in design, graphics and creativity matches some of the features that the Laminil® range offers:

  • longer durability of the supports with greater mechanical strength
  • high visual impact
  • the ability to customize the media to be more effective in communication.

Over the last 20 years, the Laminil® range has revolutionized the paper converting industry and continues to be one of the reference materials for a wide range of products in the following fields:

  • marketing and business communication
  • advertising exhibitors
  • merchandising and shop-fitting for GDO and outlets
  • gadgets
  • teaching
  • office
  • food
  • food packaging
  • pharmaceutical packaging
  • luxury packaging

Its use ranges from the production of visual displays, totems, promotional isles, window dressing, showroom installations, gadgets and educational games.

Its popularity in the industry is such that Laminil® has now become a well-known name by the sector’s professionals, associating it with a lightweight, flexible, customizable, creative and long-lasting material.


The advantages of LAMINIL®

“ for the paper converting industry ”

The Laminil® panels’ range is well suited to the most common converting processes: die-cutting, folding, lamination with vinyl or hot melt adhesives.

Thanks to its internal elastic memory, the Laminil® Classic range can be easily die-cut. After the pressure applied during the die-cutting process, the material will return to its initial thickness to achieve perfectly rounded precise and clean edges, without suffering from wear and tear. The die-cutting method allows to obtain very complex shapes with precise inlays and sharp edges details.

For these reasons, Laminil® is also ideal for small products, such as gadgets and games for children, and for silhouettes that provide precise and elastic engravings that do not break when dismantled and can be reassembled repeatedly and easily (display shelvings, puzzles and various games).

Thanks to its lightness, with Laminil® it is possible to create large size hanging boards that can be fixed to the ceilings of the point of sale with a simple nylon thread, preventing health and safety risks in case of accidental fall.

Laminil®, with its excellent flatness, enhances the graphic design, shape and decor of the final object for which it is used.  It is possible to achieve high resolution with all types of printers (plotter, flexo, screen printing, UV, digital). These features make it also the protagonist of unique pieces such as rendering, prototypes, artwork and design objects.

Laminil® is available in extra standard sizes to fit customers’ requirements and standard sizes are ready for just in time despatch.

Laminil® is perfect for all those communication and marketing projects that will last for both short term and long term promotions. The ability to customize Laminil® panels with white, black, silver and glossy gold is a great creative base to print and cut the material to achieve the desired results. The faces of the same panel may have finishes.

The converters appreciate Laminil® because it is great to print and easy to cut to achieve special shapes that could not be obtained with other materials.

To save on handling costs, Laminil® lends itself to pre-cutting and pre-folding, to allow the point of sale to assemble the finished product on arrival.



LAMINIL® and the environment

The choice of several companies for Laminil® is often driven by their eco-friendly policy which focuses on the environment.

First of all, Isonova is a company which cares about the impact on the environment: Laminil® panels are energy-efficient, as they are produced in a photovoltaic-powered plant, a form of renewable self-produced energy.  The company offers also a waste collection service to its customers, consisting in collecting from them the Laminil® waste resulting from their production.

The Laminil® Classic, Poliplat® and Isoprint ranges don’t use glues, unlike all other sandwich panels on the market. In addition, Laminil® is a non-toxic material, also suitable for food contact and toy applications.

Compared to other PVC supports and polluting plastic materials, which at the end of their lives become non-recoverable waste, the Laminil® range reduces the input of plastics into the environment: in fact, XPS, extruded polystyrene foam, can be recycled and today, with the introduction of the innovative Bio Laminil® range, at the end of their life cycle, the panels degrade naturally in an average of 5 years.


Choose the most suitable support

Laminil® panels are available in thicknesses of 2, 3, 5, 7 and 10 mm.

The Laminil® articles most used by converters are:



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