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Laminil®, the perfect material

“ for counter tops displays ”

The communication on the point of sale finds a perfect ally in the LAMINIL® range, the preferred material option for counter top displays, counter boards and all other items used to inform and promote products on the point of sales.

Groceries, travel agencies, stationery shops, gadget/gift shops, clothes shops, pharmacies, banks and insurance companies all use counter top displays to talk about their brands, inform their customers on promotions, competitions, news and service opportunities.


LAMINIL®, in all its ranges CLASSIC, BIOLAMINIL®, ISOPRINT, SILVER, GOLD and NERO LAM, can be utilized in everyday applications for small shops, shopping chains and GDO point of sales.


Here are some of the most common applications:

  • Counter top displays with brochures pockets
  • Counter top displays for products
  • Shaped and personalized counter top displays for strategic communication
  • Simple table displays for low budget communication campaigns
  • Counter top displays for luxury products
  • Counter top displays for jewellery , such as rings and earrings
  • Tridimensional displays for advertising
  • Shop panels and totems
  • Displays for books and magazines
  • Display panels for pharmacies
  • Displays with testers for cosmetic products
  • CD and vinyl displays
  • Displays for sweets and bar products
  • Displays for tiles, wall paint and DIY products


The reasons for Laminil® successful applications

The LAMINIL® range offers the right solutions to brands’, communication agencies’ and converters’ needs, who organize a promotional campaign on the point of sale utilizing visual displays.

The reasons behind the material choice:

  1. LAMINIL® is a mechanically resistant material, ideal for good quality POP items. It ensures a good realization of the design thanks to high quality print resolution. Elaborated shapes can be achieved and items made in LAMINIL® will be resistant to shocks and frequent handling.
  2. LAMINIL® is a practical and efficient material: light in weight and available in different formats, according to the final use, allows fast working times. Thanks to the panels lightness and the option to assemble the different parts on the point of sale, the visual displays can be pre-shaped and transported flat and can be stocked for long periods of time without deterioration. These displays can be mounted quickly when needed and, if required, they can be dismantled and stocked again for future use.
  3. LAMINIL® is an ally to creativity: designers and art directors can shape their visions and ideas with this material. Many properties in one panel, almost impossible to find in other types of panels:
  • With its elastic memory it returns to its original shape after pressure
  • It can be shaped achieving clean edges and easy to cut also in case of small shapes
  • If worked properly, it maintains its shape without bending, also in case of large dimensions items
  • Easy to fold, it is ideal for tri-dimensional counter top displays; easy to mount and easy to dismantle
  • It is stable and resistant, the edges don’t crumble and don’t create dust
  • It is safe and suitable to be placed in busy point of sales, thanks to its lightness and rounded and soft edges
  • The panel can be laminated with cardboard and other plastic materials to achieve different finishes: shiny, matt, satin, metalized, black, multi-coloured and iridescent
  • The surface is printable with all types of flat bed printers. The ISOPRINT variant is specific for digital printing and ensures an optimal resolution, perfect for pictures, posters, pictures to frame and artistic print outs.


Laminil® range for various ideas

The LAMINIL® panels are available in thicknesses: 2, 3, 5, 7 & 10 mm.

Relating to POP items, the LAMINIL® products most utilized are:

  • NERO, SILVER, GOLD LAM, ideal for luxury ranges and gift packs

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