Food & beverage POP displays

Custom Point of Purchase displays for food & drink


Food Visual Displays

“ the look that makes the product ”

The food and beverage industry has developed a refined, state-of-the-art communication system on the point of sale where food and drink displays play a prominent role.

Visual merchandising and promotion in the food retailers’ world reach peaks of creativity that lead the way also in other sectors, with the aim of attracting the consumer’s attention when shopping while drawn to a variety of competing brands and similar products.

The set of media and promotional tools on the point of sale is named P.O.P., which literally means Point of Purchase.

Floor standing displays and counter top displays, advertising boards, window dressing, totems, P.O.P. up displays have the dual purpose of holding and displaying the product and communicating information about it, conveying the brand image at first glance.

P.O.P. displays play a crucial role in food marketing: they capture and hold the consumer’s attention, pique their interest and influence their decision. Thanks to the strategy and creativity mix behind their design, the promotional displays can be the driving force to impulse buying, communicating important brand values like care, attention to the environment, practicality, health and wellbeing, convenience, exclusivity, competitions and seasonal promotions, etc.

P.O.P. materials are widely used in large-scale distribution (GDO) and in small and medium-sized stores, in convenience stores, in organic and zero-kilometre food outlets.


Laminil®, the range of media

“ for the P.O.P. food world ”

The LAMINIL® range, in its variants CLASSIC, BIOLAMINIL®, ISOPRINT, SILVER, GOLD and NERO LAM, is one of the reference materials for the production of food displays for fresh and packaged food, beverages and sweets.

Here are some of the most common uses of LAMINIL® in GDO food retail outlets, medium-to-small food distribution, bar and serf service:

  1. Floor standing displays and counter top displays: They can be placed strategically on a bench, on the floor, at the end of a shelf, by the tills. They hold and display the product and communicate via their crowners and printing, product information and brand values. They are suitable for any type of product: sweets display, drinks display, bakery and confectionery products displays.
  2. Totem: a promotional free-standing item, sometimes three-dimensional, which communicates information about the product at 360°, containing sometimes promotional cards, visible also from a distance.
  3. Promotional isles: commonly used by the GDO, in supermarkets or shopping malls to offer free trials, gadgets and information leaflets, often managed by a promoter. They could be made in a stable and lightweight structure in LAMINIL®, mounted directly at delivery on the point of sale, and can include storage compartments for the promotional materials.
  4. Signage and rotair: boards that are mounted above the counter, the information desk or in the shop windows
  5. Window dressing: used mainly in the clothing and footwear sector, in particular, to decorate the window and highlight certain products


Laminil® strengths for P.O.P. promotional items

The LAMINIL® range responds to the two fundamental characteristics that are required for P.O.P. materials:


  1. Durability and functionality

Food and Beverage displays made in LAMINIL® last longer than cardboard even in crowded retail outlets.

They have excellent elasticity and shock resistance qualities; they keep the original shape without bending; their edges are stable and at the same time the material does not produce dust.  For these reasons, LAMNIL is largely used for P.O.P. media to guarantee quality and stability during the promotional objects lives on the point of sale. Thanks to their price competitivity, LAMINIL® panels are also used for seasonal or short-medium term campaigns: Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, promotions and special competitions.

  1. Lightness, elasticity and ease of handling

of LAMINIL® offer an advantage with transportation, warehouse and assembly operations. The visual displays can be packed flat and easily mounted on site. Assembly does not require special skills and can be done by the staff on the point of sale.  Moreover, the material flexibility allows for tight fittings, keeping the structure stable during its life on the point of sale.

Another important aspect for communication materials is health and safety on the point of sale: LAMINIL® panels are lightweight and their edges are not sharp, therefore, in case of accidental falls, do not harm people.


  1. Creative customization

Numerous P.O.P. projects made in LAMINIL® have made the history of food marketing on the point of sale and have won prizes in various international contests dedicated to the display world.

The success factor is the extreme versatility of the LAMINIL® panel, which can be designed to match the most creative and sought after designs.

The LAMINIL® panels can be die-cut achieving clean borders, also in case of complex shapes. The panels can be assembled together, creating three-dimensional shapes to achieve a great final effect. The possibility to laminate the panel with other materials can result in various finishes from gold, silver and black to iridescent, glossy or satin surfaces, to be personalised with UV printing.

LAMINIL® offers a world of opportunities.


Choose the panel suitable for your project

LAMINIL® panels are available in thicknesses of 2, 3, 5, 7 and 10 mm.

For P.O.P. applications, the most used LAMINIL® articles are:

  • NERO, SILVER and GOLD LAM, ideal for luxury products and gift and food packaging


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