Laminil® Classic

Expanded and extruded polystyrene panels
and two sheets of paper, cardboard or other materials


One material, endless applications

LAMINIL®  CLASSIC is the ideal material for realizing a variety of projects such as packaging, visual merchandising, communication, marketing, paper and packaging.

LAMINIL® CLASSIC is the versatile support for creating, experimenting and communicating effectively.

LAMINIL® was developed 20 years ago by Isonova and still today it is the leading product of the company, produced at the Isonova factory in Volpiano (Turin, ITALY), subject to strict quality controls.

Technically, LAMINIL® CLASSIC is the result of the union between an extruded expanded polystyrene foam and two sheets of paper, cardboard or other materials. It is available in thicknesses of 2, 3, 5, 7 and 10 mm and can be produced in different formats.

The secret of its success lies in the unique mix of properties that make it suitable for creative, functional and innovative visual projects.

FSC ® certified product on request.


Use of Laminil® Classic

Thanks to its versatility, LAMINIL® CLASSIC is the patented reference material for a wide range of designs and projects in the following areas:

  • Packaging
  • Visual merchandising
  • Graphic arts
  • Exhibition stands
  • Paper industry
  • Fine Arts
  • Generic packaging
  • Insulating packaging

LAMINIL® CLASSIC has been the starting point for some developments in several sectors, such as thermal, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food packaging, luxury packaging, heat insulation and thermal insulation.



The strengths of Laminil® Classic

Let’s find out what are the characteristics that determine the constant success of LAMINIL® CLASSIC. Twenty years after its birth, this material continues to be preferred for so many uses in different sectors.

LAMINIL® CLASSIC offers a range of features that are hardly found in other products:

  • Non-toxic: it is the ideal support for food and pharmaceutical packaging
  • Recyclable: waste production is recycled in the production process
  • Lightweight: weighs approximately 430 gr per square meter, corresponding to about 2/3 of the weight of corrugated cardboard, half the weight of the cardboard and a seventh of the FOREX-like materials. It is ideal for rotair and large hanging signs.
  • Thermal protection: the packaging in LAMINIL® protects the contents from thermal shocks; the XPS panel is used in building and furnishing to limit heat dispersion and insulate
  • LAMINIL® has elastic memory and suitable for die-cutting, keeping cut edges clean and smooth. This is why it is one of the favourite paperboard materials, for P.O.P and point-of-sale applications, in particular for elaborate shapes
  • LAMINIL® is easy to fold, allowing precise and clean finishes fitting to curvy shapes. It lends itself to the creation of complex and sophisticated media such as displays and totems for the point of sale
  • The sheet can be printed directly or laminated, offering different thicknesses and solutions
  • It can be laminated to any support: for various finishes such as glossy, opaque, plasticized for visual merchandising of great impact, such as glittered, glossy or iridescent to create displays for shop windows and points of sale
  • It is printable in serigraphy, UV digital printing, hot foil, flexo
  • LAMINIL® has a high mechanical resistance to impact and deformation and is durable and non-deformable, also suitable for protective packaging


Ideal for creating and experimenting

Visual communication professionals find in LAMINIL® an ally to their work and an ideal support to propose innovative messages and to keep up with the evolution of marketing and commercial communication.

For this reason, besides the sectors listed above, LAMINIL® CLASSIC over the years has been the protagonist of an incredible variety of applications, including:

  • consumer gadgets
  • toys and small non-toxic children’s accessories
  • support for architecture and fine arts students and design and communication professionals who create plastics, visual prototypes, renderings
  • material for creative use in the hobby and DIY sector


ISONOVA’s product

Isonova is a very dynamic partner who believes in cooperation with customers and suppliers to keep quality up to expectations, meet requirements and find new solutions.

The Isonova team is always ready to satisfy special requests, customizations and the development of new solutions to meet emerging needs.

The LAMINIL® range is produced at the Isonova plant in Volpiano (To). This unique source of the material guarantees the continuity of the range, careful quality inspection, working time control and warehouse availability.

ISONOVA meets special requests with personalized offers.  Contact us to find out more about LAMINIL® CLASSIC or to tell us about your specific needs:


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