Gadgets and materials for children

Laminil® is a safe and extremely versatile material
for promotional gadgets, toys, puzzle, etc.

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LAMINIL® is...

“ promotional gadgets, games and ideas to be shaped by children ”

Thanks to your creativity, LAMINIL® expresses the best of its versatile nature in playful and imaginative contexts: promotional gadgets, games for children, puzzles and educational games, creative DIY projects.

Playrooms, schools and associations use panels in LAMINIL® as a starting material, safe and simple to use, to shape the creativity of children, help them express their imagination in artistic projects and in the creation of small manual works and furnishing accessories.


Promotional gadgets

“ to say who you are thanks to your imagination ”

LAMINIL® is an inexhaustible source of inspiration: it is so versatile that many of its uses are discovered while using it. The creative dimension of gadgets offers a world of uses: promotional gadgets to be distributed in fair and events and product promotions at the point of sale. Other applications are gifts to customers, Christmas presents, key rings, puzzles, small gadgets useful to keep on the desk.

A gadget in LAMINIL® offers some notable advantages:

  • it is light and only a few millimetres thick
  • thanks to its elastic memory, it resists impacts, wear and stress, and returns to its original shape
  • the same elastic memory allows LAMINIL® to have an excellent response to the die-cutting process: the contours remain clean, do not crumble over time.
  • With LAMINIL® panels complex shapes, even in tiny sizes, can be achieved;
  • A panel can be pre-cut; delivered as one piece, allowing the child to separate the individual pieces and mount them in a three-dimensional interlocking object
  • The possibility to laminate the panel with other supports allows to free creativity: different colours and textures, opaque or glossy finishes, personalised with printing or embossing
  • LAMINIL® can be digitally printed and cut by plotter machines (especially the Isoprint article): high resolution printing for the best finished result
  • A LAMINIL® gadget is safe for those who use it: it has a soft and elastic consistency, the edges are clean but not sharp, the inner panel does not flake or produce dust, does not release harmful substances and it is not toxic


Toys in Laminil®

LAMINIL® is a non-toxic and safe material and is suitable for games and gadgets for children. It does not contain toxic substances and is not irritating to the touch.

The range of products for children is very wide and is continually updated with new and creative uses:

  • Traditional three-dimensional puzzles: thanks to its elastic memory, after the die-cutting process, the material returns to its original shape, keeping precise and clean contours. All the pieces of the puzzles can be easily interlocked and, thanks to its mechanical resistance, the pieces will maintain their shape without being damaged by repeated use.
  • Silhouettes of objects (animals, cartoon characters and cartoons, etc.) colored to be inserted on a stable base to play or to be used for theaters and animations
  • Small educational games to color, cut, assemble
  • Gadgets and small games to compose and assemble
  • Free gadget in sweets and food packaging


Laminil® as a creative material

“ for schools, playrooms and associations ”

The playful and creative side of LAMINIL® has brought Isonova to co-operate with a series of associations that work in contact with children. Isonova donates LAMINIL® cuttings or second choice panels to various schools, playrooms and associations, which use it as material for their creative projects.

LAMINIL® panels are safe and easy to use even by children, and can be cut, shaped, painted and decorated, interlocking to form small jobs and decorations that develop manual skills and artistic creativity.

LAMINIL® is also used to decorate playrooms and to make wards of paediatric hospitals more child-friendly.

If you are a teacher, an educator or a volunteer of an association, you can write to us at to check availability of the material and to tell us about your projects.  Make arrangements for collection from the plant in Volpiano (To) when you telephone us.



Laminil® range, a product for every idea

LAMINIL® panels are available in 2, 3, 5, 7 and 10 mm thicknesses.

The LAMINIL® articles suitable for creating gadgets and games are: Series CLASSIC, NERO LAM (for lamination and die-cutting).


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