High quality digital printing on Laminil®



The ideal media for digital printing

ISOPRINT is the specific support for the latest generation digital printing machines, an evolution of the LAMINIL® sandwich panels.

Indeed, in 20 years of life, LAMINIL® by Isonova has accompanied the changes in printing technologies and has met the new demands of printers and designers.

ISOPRINT was introduced to maximize the potential and the graphic and color rendering of digital printing. Tested and widely used on various digital printing machines, ISOPRINT is appreciated for both print quality and other converting techniques such as plasticizing, folding and plotter cutting.

ISOPRINT is a certified FSC®  product, consistent with Isonova’s commitment to deliver high performance and sustainable materials.


Isoprint's strengths

For each product and every communication activity, the right support is needed to enhance the promotional message. The demanding and ever-evolving world of digital printing, marketing and merchandising has found in ISOPRINT the perfect ally.

ISOPRINT is a laminated panel, based on the LAMINIL® material. Compared to LAMINIL®, it has a higher internal density foam, which offers more rigidity and flatness, both required by flat-bed digital UV / LED printers.

What are the features that outline the success of ISOPRINT for digital printing professionals?

  • It is the ideal foam panel for direct UV / LED printing and plotter cutting
  • It ensures best printing resolution for optimum colours and design rendering, causing no smudges, inaccuracies or chromatic overlays
  • So easy to cut that it can be converted in any shape for absolute freedom of expression in advertising campaigns
  • It is extremely lightweight and stable, making it suitable to be hang with a simple adhesive or nylon thread.
  • It is a semi-durable material, such as LAMINIL®
  • it has a competitive price compared to all other competing plastic media


Use of Isoprint

Thanks to its lightness and all the features listed above, ISOPRINT is used for billboards, signage rotair, totems, visual displays.

Compared to competing materials, it is lighter and can be hung with adhesive or nylon threads, and in case of accidental falls, it prevents injuries.

Like LAMINIL®, ISOPRINT is a semi-durable panel. It is an excellent solution for medium to long-term communication, better value for money compared to competing materials.

It’s an improved solution compared to simil-FOREX materials, based on PVC and Polyurethane, which are highly polluting and only advisable for long-lasting applications that will remain in use for many years. For seasonal or medium-term communications at the point of sale, in shop windows and public spaces, ISOPRINT is the most economic and performing solution.


Formats and variants of Isoprint

ISOPRINT is currently produced and marketed in these variants:

  • Standard sizes 1400 x 1000 and 1000 x 2000 mm (in pallet and / or box).
  • Extra standard sizes with a maximum width of 1200 maximum length 3000
  • Thickness 3 / 3.5mm; 5 / 5.5 mm; 7 / 7.5mm; 10 / 10.5mm (1000 maximum width).
  • ECO VERSION: 120gr paper-laminated panel suitable for direct printing on both sides without the use of glues, available in all sizes: 3mm, 5mm, 7mm and 10mm thickness; panel width 100cm (for all thicknesses) and 120cm (all except 10mm); maximum length 300cm
  • PREMIUM version: only for the 3 mm panel laminated with 230 g paper. which increases the strength of the panel, still maintaining the characteristics of LAMINIL®’s lightness. Available in thickness 3mm, maximum width 100cm, maximum length 300cm.

Both variants are designed for indoor use only and are not suitable for outdoor use.



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