Silver, Gold and Nero Lam

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Silver, Gold and Nero Lam

“ Exclusive packaging and visual displays ”

LAMINIL® is dressed in silver, glossy gold or black, to offer a sophisticated and unusual finish suitable for creating luxury packs, visual displays, window signage, advertising projects and promotions.

The composition of LAMINIL®, a foam of extruded polystyrene laminated on both sides with paper, cardboard or PET, allows for infinite versatility.  Among the various articles of the LAMINIL® family, are SILVER, GOLD and NERO LAM, the range for luxury products.

Gold, silver or black surfaces have a sleek and luxurious texture.  Each panel can be customized with different finishes on both sides, to offer a wide selection.

SILVER, GOLD and NERO LAM thermal insulation properties offer added value in terms of protection against temperature changes for packs that combine aesthetics, design and technical properties. In particular, thermal packaging of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and gift packs for products, such as wines and chocolates. sensitive to thermal oscillations.


Unique properties

The SILVER, GOLD and NERO LAM panels retain the winning qualities of LAMINIL® and, like the whole family of LAMINIL® materials, allow versatile and customizable options.

They are lightweight, durable and maintain their shape over time.

SILVER, GOLD and NERO LAM give excellent results both with UV digital printing, screen printing or hot foil printing. They can be personalized to offer great character to packaging.

The panels can be cut with die-cutting or plotter machinery systems. They are perfect for elegant and durable packs.

The Luxury LAM range has thermal insulation properties. SILVER LAM, in particular, has high insulation properties and can reflect the solar rays avoiding heat absorption. It is used successfully for iso-thermal boxes for the transport of medicines and biomedical products and take-away packaging for cold foods.

In the packaging sector, the SILVER, GOLD and NERO LAM packs offer a competitive advantage also for transport and storage: they are lighter than cardboard and are self-contained: they are delivered flat, easily assembled and help reduce transportation costs and storage space.


Use Silver, Gold and Nero Lam

Luxury packaging finds in SILVER, GOLD and NERO LAM allies for personalised, original and insulation solutions.

Among their successful applications is the exclusive line of wine and chocolates boxes, which allow the  products packed inside, very sensitive to temperature changes, to be the ideal gift even during the summer months. Thanks to its thermal resistance, the pack protects the contents from the upward and downward variations of temperature, which may compromise their quality and organoleptic properties.

Likewise, the iso-thermal boxes can be used for the last mile transport of drugs and biomedical materials and take-away fresh pastry products.  SILVER, GOLD and NERO LAM combine ease of use to heat protection, allowing for customized solutions with logos creating a personalized box in colour and shape, for transportation and content protection.

SILVER, GOLD and NERO LAM offer a luxury finish and can be utilized for visual displays, counter top displays, totems, signage, gadgets.

Communication agencies, visual merchandising experts and designers appreciate the value of the SILVER, GOLD and NERO LAM range, to guarantee quality and aesthetic performance.

Formats and variants of SILVER, GOLD and NERO LAM

SILVER, GOLD and NERO LAM panels are available on request in extra standard sizes, with both surfaces in PET or one side in white/black paper with the option of white or black XPS.


Formats of Silver, Gold e Nero Lam

SILVER, GOLD and NERO LAM panels are available on request in extra standard sizes, with PET-finished surfaces on both sides, or on one side in white/black paper with a white or black XPS option.


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