Luxury packaging

Silver, gold and black.
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Luxury Packaging in Laminil®

“ thermal, protective and customizable ”

The luxury packaging finds in LAMINIL® by ISONOVA an ally for personalized and protective packaging for thermal insulation.

The most suitable products for luxury boxes and luxury packaging are SILVER, GOLD and NERO LAM. The classic “sandwich” panel in expanded extruded polystyrene is combined with two outer paper sheets in silver, gold or black to create refined packaging, displays and fittings.

ISOLAMBOX are exclusive packaging in SILVER, GOLD and NERO LAM, and, besides the undoubted aesthetic quality and the sophisticated appeal, they have a wide range of properties.


Isothermal protection

LAMINIL® is an insulating material that protects from thermal changes. Thanks to the thermal resistance, the LAMINIL® packaging protects the contents from temperature variations up and down, which risk compromising the quality and the organoleptic properties of the product inside. The silver outer surface helps to enhance the isothermal effect by reflecting sunlight and consequently blocking heat absorption. This is why the so called ISOLAMBOX, packs in SILVER, GOLD and NERO LAM, are functional for the thermal protection of confectionery and ice-cream products, during transport from the place of purchase to the place of consumption. Even wines, liqueurs, chocolate and pralines are products that are very sensitive to temperature variations altering their aroma, flavour and consistency and risking depriving them of the qualities that distinguish them from similar products of lesser value. A box in LAMINIL® enhances the product with a gift box that stands out and is ideal especially in the summer months, when the problems of thermal excursion during transport are more frequent.

Scatole per cioccolatini


Customizable design in every detail

The possibility of completing the package by printing the external surface of LAMINIL® with screen printing, digital UV or hot foil, and then plasticizing, allows to create a detailed pack and offer different finishing options to achieve the desired visual effect: glossy surfaces , matt or satin, embossed decorations, direct digital printing with excellent resolution, precise edges and folding. The concept of each box can be designed by our technical team according to the customer’s specifications, to achieve the desired result: self-mounting interlocking boxes, also available with handles for transport, in different models. The boxes can be customized with logo and graphics, using various methods of printing up to 4 colours: direct printing in screen printing for logo, direct UV printing for customized graphics, off-set printing or flexo on paper support to be laminated to the panel before the process of die-cutting.

LAMINIL® can be converted into luxury packages for confectionery, artisan ice creams, pralines, wines, liqueurs, local products, gift baskets. Its various applications make the ISOLAMBOX boxes suitable also for other sectors, for example for elegant miniboxes for jewellery, gift items and other lux objects.


Smart, practical and safe pack

LAMINIL® is a non-toxic material with a high mechanical resistance which guarantees protection against shocks and durability of fragile products. The LAMINIL® package is lighter than a cardboard gift box and, if plasticized, it protects the contents from moisture and from contact with liquids. LAMINIL® luxury boxes are made by converting a panel with die cutting and, depending on the model of the box, by gluing and are delivered flat on pallets, optimizing the space both during transport and during storage. Their limited weight helps to reduce transport costs. At the time of use, the packages can be easily mounted by the shop operators.



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