Bio Laminil®


The innovative eco-friendly panel



Bio Laminil®, the innovative biodegradable panel

BIOLAMINIL® is a consequence of the eco-sustainable policies of ISONOVA and is the first biodegradable support of its kind.

Like all the LAMINIL® articles, BIOLAMINIL® is a sandwich panel, the result of the union between a sheet of expanded extruded polystyrene and two sheets of paper, cardboard or other material without the use of glues. Its characteristics of rigidity and lightness make BIOLAMINIL® an excellent support for digital printing.

Produced and distributed by ISONOVA since the end of 2017, BIOLAMINIL® represents an important step forward in plastics. In fact, when disposed of or if dispersed in the environment, it degrades into simple molecules in an average time of 5 years depending on the humidity level.

The difference with other substrates in terms of environmental impact is evident, if we think that the majority of traditional polymers such as Forex take hundreds, if not thousands of years.

BIOLAMINIL® represents the solution for visual communication which cares about the environment still offering several options, such as POP materials, packaging, digitally printed signage, visual displays for shops and retail outlets.


Why is Bio Laminil® a biodegradable material?

Biodegradability is a property of organic substances which some synthetic compounds contain, allowing them to be decomposed naturally, or better, by saprophytic bacteria.

BIOLAMINIL® biodegrades thanks to the presence of a mix of bacteria that has been mixed with the material matrix. These particular spores are activated in the typical conditions of a landfill especially in the presence of humidity, even in the marine environment.

ISONOVA uses a new technology used for the natural disposal of some new generation polymeric materials. This “induced biodegradation” is an acceleration of the natural process, similar to the technique used to clear oil spills into the sea due to accidental causes, thanks to the clearing action of bacteria which “digest” organic chemicals.

The components in BIOLAMINIL® during digestion disintegrate without releasing cyanurate substances or chlorine compounds into the environment. Furthermore, they do not produce fragments of plastic that spread in water and seas, unlike other technologies such as oxo-degradation (which tends to break only partially the polymer macromolecules) and hydro-degradation (where a part of the material dissolves if placed in water).

BIOLAMINIL® can offer a solution to a waste recycling problem: even if we choose materials that are potentially recyclable, the logistic difficulties and lack of systems at a global level mean that the percentage of plastic that is sent for recycling is low. ISONOVA has understood that, to make a real contribution to the problem of pollution and waste production, the innovation of materials must be oriented towards biodegradable products, which dissolve naturally.

BIOLAMINIL®, like all biodegradable plastics (with the exception of MATER-B and PLA), must be disposed of in general waste bins. In plastic recycling a biodegradable material would pollute the process, as paper and organic waste would.



Bio Laminil®, a material with zero energy consumption

The production of BIOLAMINIL® is environmentally sustainable as it does not require energy consumption. In fact, since 2010, ISONOVA has been operating a 100 kw photovoltaic system at its plant in Volpiano (Turin), which produces about 120,000 Kw annually.  Much of the energy is used in the production cycle, while the excess produced during the weekend or in general during the closures is put back into the network. Most of the LAMINIL® products, including BIOLAMINIL®, are produced with self-produced renewable energy.


Formats and uses of Bio Laminil®

The biodegradable BIO XPS foam is the basis for a range of products:

  • BIOLAMINIL®: for paper converting, packaging, fine arts
  • BIOISOPRINT: ideal for direct digital printing and for sophisticated visual communication projects, in a sector where highly polluting plastic materials dominate.
  • BIOISOLBOX: ideal for iso-thermal packs for food and pastry, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

BIOLAMINIL® maintains all the properties of LAMINIL®: light, flexible, it has an excellent performance with the traditional systems used in paper converting.

Unlike other sandwich panels, it can die-cut or laser-cut without releasing toxic gases into the air such as hydrochloric acid and dioxins. It is also highly appreciated for the excellent performance relating to post-print processing activities, such as painting, folding, laminating and plotter cutting (ISOPRINT brand range).

BIOLAMINIL® is available in panels of various thickness (from 2.5 to 10.5 mm), can be printed with digital, serigraphic, hot-foil or laminated with card sheets printed with off-set technology. It is laminated with FSC® certified papers that guarantee that the wood where the paper comes from originates from controlled reserves in order to guarantee renewability.

The BIOISOPRINT product printed with water-based inks technology, such as for the AQUA 250 printer by ENGICO, offers a completely ecological final solution.



Why choose Bio Laminil®

BIOLAMINIL® was created for all the companies which need to choose suitable supports for an effective visual communication and favor materials which support their waste reduction policy and the environmental impact of their activity.

BIOLAMINIL® replaces in the production of promotional items (displays, signage, etc.) PVC and polyurethane, materials which are toxic and highly polluting for the ecosystem, still dominating the POP sector.

BIOLAMINIL® allows you to create counter and floor displays, totems, shop signs, temporary promo isles, gadgets, iso-thermal boxes, prototypes with the best visual impact. Once its life cycle is over, the material can be delivered to a controlled landfill and will dissolve within 5 years thanks to the “work” of the bacteria contained in the XPS BIO foam.  Even in the case of accidental spillage into the environment, soil, water and sea will not contribute to pollution.

BIOLAMINIL® is a revolutionary innovation in the world of digital printing, where the category of “eco-sustainable” materials is limited to alveolar polypropylene which is recyclable (but not biodegradable) and cardboard which is compostable, i.e. it can be transformed into a compost with energy, to create biogas, or used as a fertilizer at the end of the process.

Printed cardboard is collected as paper to be sent to the paper mills; the printing together with the plasticization make the product for pulp very difficult to recycle, causing the cardboard to end up frequently in the landfill or incinerator.

For all these reasons, BIOLAMINIL® is the only environmentally sustainable alternative to cardboard.


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