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“ the material for the Fine Arts that gives shape to ideas and prototypes ”

The LAMINIL® product range has given rise to a series of materials and evolutions designed for specific needs. Among them is POLIPLAT, a versatile support dedicated specifically to the field of fine arts, prototyping and modelling for design and architecture.


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POLIPLAT is a reliable and widely used support for both Fine Arts students or disciplines that require the design of prototypes and three-dimensional plastics (architecture, design, design) and professionals from numerous fields (architecture studios, creative and advertising agencies, visual design studios) by visual artists.

Everyone guarantees durability and great flexibility in customization. It can be hand-worked, painted or cut with the cutter and easily transformed thanks to its lightness and elastic memory.

FSC ® certified product


Poliplat®'s strengths

POLIPLAT offers all the inherited properties of the LAMINIL® family, the patented Isonova material that has been widely successful in various fields of visual communication for 20 years.

All LAMINIL® based products consist of a variable foam expanded extruded polystyrene foil, coupled on both sides with cardboard or plastic materials of various colour and texture, to be then printed, die cut, corded and to obtain the most varied shapes.

The characteristics of POLIPLAT meet the need for those who work, create, learn and experiment in the fields of Fine Arts, modelling and realization of prototypes:

  • It is a versatile material that is ideally suited for ideas, creativity and projects. Its use ranges from art to architecture, from communication to technical prototyping
  • It is handy: it can be hand-worked, guaranteeing flexibility and robustness
  • Adaptable to the specific project using various procedures. It can be hand-cut with hand-cut or hand-painted cutter, varnished with various types of products, glued, shaped, joined together with other sheets of POLIPLAT, with a very accurate result
  • Thanks to the excellent elastic memory, it returns to its original thickness after cutting operations, keeping a clear and clean shape over time without bending or bending
  • It is a clean material that does not contain or release harmful substances
  • Its lightness is functional to the creation of a precise and well-cared model
  • Even if cut by hand with the cutter keeps edges sharp and does not flake or produce powders

For all these reasons, POLIPLAT is a creative material that is preferred by artists who are dedicated to artistic expression and experimentation, as well as professionals and technicians who need reliable support for functional prototypes of other projects.

POLIPLAT can also be used in conjunction with Nero Lam and Gold Lam, for the creation of particularly sophisticated models thanks to the surfaces of the material.



Use of Poliplat®

♦   Students and teachers in the field of Fine Arts: applied arts institutes, art academy, academy of fine arts, scenography, graphic design

♦   Students of architecture, design, advertising media institutes

♦   Professional studies devoted to prototyping and scale modelling in the field of design, furnishings, restyling and architecture

♦   Communication agencies that develop prototypes for visual communication (equipment, dispensers, visual merchandising media, gadgets, presentation material)

♦   Hobby enthusiasts, crafter and makers: creative uses for unique, highly personalized templates and creations


Formats and resellers of Poliplat®

POLIPLAT is available in the following standard sizes: 70x100cm or 100x140cm or in extra standard sizes upon request.

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It is also available in standard size sheets at local Fine Arts stores



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