Boxes for patisserie

Custom cake, dessert & pastry box packaging


Boxes for Patisserie in Lamini

“ they protect and enhance the sweetness ”

The packaging for the patisserie sector has the fundamental task of protecting and enhancing the work of gastronomic artisans.

The phase of transport from the production laboratory to the point of sale or from the point of sale (shops, restaurants, cafés, canteens) to the consumer’s home is an extremely delicate process which every manufacturer should carefully evaluate especially in terms of packaging to be adopted.


Cakes, pastries, desserts, regional confectionery specialties, fresh and dried pastries, Christmas cakes and other seasonal sweets, cupcakes and cake design sweets are delicate and perishable types of foods which need protective packaging to be transported in. In fact, they are made of creams, icings, soft and delicate doughs, extremely accurate decorations that must be preserved during the transport phase.

In addition, the packaging must be functional and at the same time able to enhance the product aesthetically.


Patisserie, between art and science

Among all the culinary arts, patisserie is the one that leaves less space to improvisation and personal interpretation. Pastry products are masterpieces of craftsmanship that arise from delicate balances.

Raw materials such as doughs, glazes, chocolate and creams are the result of very careful processes that must comply with certain rules of chemistry: each raw material has its own melting and solidification point, raising requires the correct temperature, humidity and resting times; creams must be mixed with specific materials, in specific times and under controlled conditions. Cocoa butter, oils and food dyes, if affected by sudden changes in temperature, will lose their chemical structure, producing crystals and external patinas which will compromise the quality of sweets or pralines.

The permanence in uncontrolled temperature and humid conditions can compromise the appearance of the confectionery product, the softness of the dough and the shape stability. In addition, even minimal bumps and crushes will ruin the appeal of the product.



Choosing the right packaging for bakery products

Bakers, ice cream makers, chocolate patissiers and cake designers know the importance of preserving delicacies and understand that the packaging choice is fundamental to protect the wholesomeness of baking products and to preserve its quality and aesthetic look.

Additionally, the container enhances the value of its content via its elegance, making it an exclusive gift.

At the same time, the pastry box must be functional for both the producer and the buyer: the box must be easy to assemble and to transport, with handles or internal compartments, avoiding contamination and insulating the contents from the external environment preventing contact with dust.

The ability to customize a box for patisserie offers competitive advantage: printing the external surface decorating it with sophisticated graphics are factors that contribute to consolidate the brand image of a patisserie shop.


Boxes for confectioneries in Laminil®

The iso-thermal boxes in LAMINIL® are the solution that offers with a single package the protection for the transport of a confectionery product:

  • Thermal insulation and temperature control during transport

It is a fundamental aspect that guarantees food safety, since pastry uses fresh products, such as eggs, dairy products and creams, all sensitive ingredients to sudden changes of temperature, even if minimal. Throughout the year and especially in the warmer months, confectionery products must avoid sudden changes in temperature and must not remain exposed to sunlight, because the health risk is concrete and the alteration of the quality of sweets and pastries is a rapid process. In addition to the health risk, temperature changes can cause the change of the shape, consistency and decoration of the desserts compromising their quality at all levels.

LAMINIL®, in particular with the ISOLAMBOX lines, guarantees the insulation of the product and the preservation of the right temperature for up to 24 hours. The thermal boxes with silver outer surface have a very high capacity to reflect the sun’s rays and their heat.

  • Protection against shocks and crushing

Thanks to its mechanical elasticity, LAMINIL® absorbs shocks, unlike polystyrene thermal boxes, often used for confectioneries, the latter, being rigid, tend to fall crumble when hit.

  • Functionality in every phase of transportation

The isothermal boxes are produced from a sheet of die-cut LAMINIL®. They are pre-cut and transported flat to be easily assembled when needed. These boxes lend themselves to multiple uses, since each pack can be dismantled and reassembled.

  • Customizable

The LAMINIL® confectionery box is not a simple pack, as others, because it becomes a real essential element of communication for the product and its brand. It can be supplied in different models and sizes. Furthermore, several characteristics of these boxes can be customized, such as the closure, the transport handles, the presence of internal compartments to separate the sweets, the internal structure on a single level or on overlapping layers. The external surfaces of the LAMINIL® box can be printed with different techniques and offers excellent print resolution. The possibility of using gold, silver and black LAMINIL® panels (GOLD, SILVER and NERO LAM) transforms the pack in a gift box, to be printed with various techniques including hot foil.



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