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Due to the Coronavirus emergency, it has become even more important to guarantee that the cold chain supply of pharmaceutical products is maintained.
Choose our new ISOLAMBOX COLDFOLD folded system for the safety of your product!


 Made of 98% air & 100% recyclable 


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The perfect alternative to the bulky EPS case!


The solutions for isothermal packaging

Isolambox are the result from Isonova‘s research, special containers which meet the needs of thermal packaging.

Isolambox are specific containers for the Cold Chain used successfully in many sectors such as pharmaceutical, biomedical and cosmetic packaging, patisserie and e-commerce food products.

When a product that must be stored at a specific temperature risks exposure to unsuitable temperatures, due to storage or transport or any other factors, the isothermal packaging ensures that the product does not undergo temperature shocks.

Hence the range of products ISOLAMBOX by ISONOVA. Their main feature is linked to space optimization, in fact all our boxes are supplied flat ready for easy and quick assembly. As part of the range, there are different solutions according to the packaging needs:

1- Isolambox Coldfold® system: Monomaterial EPS or EPP packaging for transporting up to 48H at a temperature between 2 ° C and 8 ° C (refrigerated temperature)

2- Isolambox Coldfold® Monomaterial EPS or EPP packaging for transporting up to 48H at 15° – 25°C ambient temperature

3- Isolambox Coldfold® Monomaterial EPS or EPP packaging for transporting up to 48H at temperatures below 0°C frozen temperature

4- Isolambox system: XPS / paper packaging with silver PET exterior (solar rays protection) customizable with printing for transport from 2 to 48 hours for refrigerated and ambient temperature ranges

5- Isolambox: Packaging in XPS / paper customizable in different finishes with different types of printing and different models for short temperature exposures

It is possible to obtain different results by combining the different solutions. Isonova will take care of the development of the Packaging based on the customer’s needs.



Isolambox are isothermal boxes, delivered flat ready for assembly, made of foam panels designed and produced by Isonova starting from Laminil® Classic, the material with several applications and with ideal properties for thermal packs. Laminil® is made of an expanded extruded XPS sheet produced in a continuous cycle, thanks to particular extruder machinery and without the aid of CFC or HCFC. The XPS sheet is laminated with Kraft paper on both sides and / or with plasticized paper in P.E.T. metallic silver / gold on one or both sides.

The thermal resistance of an isothermal box with a thickness of 5mm can be quantified in (Rm = m².K / W) Rm = 0.495.

Isolambox is combined with 4cm EPS walls to obtain a thermal system for up to 48H transport.

Isolambox Coldfold® are collapsible EPS boxes in 4,5cm thickness, delivered flat ready for assembly. This is a completely revolutionary product that allows to obtain the maximum performance in terms of thermal insulation and by optimizing warehouse and transport space. The perfect alternative to the classic polystyrene case. These boxes can also be combined with the customizable Isolambox box to obtain a customized pack.

Isolambox Coldfold® RE-USABLE are collapsible EPP boxes in 3cm thickness, delivered flat ready for assembly. This is a completely revolutionary product that allows to obtain the maximum performance in terms of thermal insulation and by optimizing space in the warehouse and during transport with a 48% reduction in space. The perfect alternative to the bulky
EPS case or the non-recyclable cooler bag. These boxes are reusable, can be washed and reused thanks to their incredible mechanical resistance.


Made of 98% air & 100% recyclable!



Thanks to the extreme ductility of the raw material, Isolambox boxes are made in thicknesses 2-3-4-5 mm and can be supplied in any format and size, but generally produced in the following models (FEFCO standard):


The boxes can be printed directly or laminated to printed cardboard and then die-cut. The Isolambox range is available in a standard cases  Catalogue  for direct purchase. For information and customizations Write to

Isolambox Coldfold® is currently available in the 45x40x40cm, 45mm thickness format.

Isolambox Coldfold® RE-USABLE is currently available in the 36.2x34x18cm, 30mm thickness format.

However, new sizes will be available soon and it will also be possible to customize the format based on volumes.

The Isolambox range is available in a complete  Catalogue  of dimensions and finishes for direct purchase.

For information and customizations Write to


Advantages of the isothermal packs

Isolambox are folding containers. This factor differentiates them profoundly from traditional pre-formed  EPS boxes and allows a significant saving in transport and warehouse costs.

The isothermal boxes are also suitable for the transport of food products.

The qualities of Isolambox thermal cases are numerous:

  • The transport of the flat and unassembled boxes guarantees a reduction of up to 80% of the weight and volume
  • Warehouse storage requires up to 80% less space than already assembled stacked containers
  • The assembling time is fast with a few simple steps and can be done when needed
  • The containers are reusable, with significant economic and environmental savings, reducing waste. In particular the Isolambox Coldfold® Re-usable which has an excellent mechanical resistance.
  • Both LAMINIL® and polypropylene do not break up, even after die cutting or handling, and do not produce dust or micro particles, unlike cardboard, that would risk coming into contact with the transported contents
  • Extreme adaptability to specific dimensions and measures, also for project development
  • Elegant appeal even in neutral solutions, without printing
  • Excellent performance in screen printing, digital UV printing and in off-set solutions for laminated panels


Solution for pharmaceutical transport

Isolambox are the solution that distributors of medicines and biomedical products can utilize to keep the cold chain unaltered during the transport in the last mile.

Isolambox are thermal boxes of various sizes – also customizable on request – which protect the contents from sudden changes in temperature and are ideal for temperature-controlled transport within 48 hours. Depending on the travel protocol established, the temperature can be guaranteed from the shipping point to the end user: it is also possible to insert a data logger inside the pack not in direct contact with the refrigerant support, to correctly monitor the average internal temperature during travel.

Isolambox can be customized with your logo by direct printing or lamination.


The solution to the transport in the LAST MILE

Ideal last mile solution for:

  • online grocery deliveries
  • click + collect
  • dinner meal kits
  • take-out food deliveries
  • food eTailers
  • pharmaceuticals

The logistical phase of drugs and medical products is subject to a series of events that cannot be directly controlled by the manufacturer and therefore can compromise temperature stability.

The drugs are entrusted to transporters who carry out the delivery to the pharmacies, hospitals or even to the patients’ homes or between different research and development laboratories. Even when setting up a refrigerated transport system, it is clear that disturbing variables can occur when the product leaves the refrigeration system due to unforeseen logistical events (for example, at the airport before loading onto the plane or between a distribution centre and another).

Especially in summer, a short exposure to heat can be sufficient to compromise the active ingredients of the drug. For example, couriers, even when using a refrigerated van, are sometimes obliged to park the vehicle, take out the packs and walk (which can be relatively long in historic centres or in areas with limited traffic) to deliver them to the recipient who will then store them at the recommended temperature.



ISOLAMBOX for food

Isolambox are widely used in the food sector, for confectionery, ice cream/pralines and in sophisticated packaging for wines, spirits and chocolate. Another very common application today relates to e-commerce for the shipment of food products from the producer to the consumer (online purchases) such as for cheeses (mozzarella, parmesan), salami or ready-made dishes or ready-to-cook ingredients.

The isothermal boxes in fact gather some important features:

  • Thermal seal and protection from temperature changes upwards and downwards during transport from the shop or producer to the place where the product is consumed. The organoleptic properties and the healthiness of the ingredients are safeguarded.
  • Possibility to customize the packages and to create luxury, gift packs, to be used safely even in the summer to maintain the properties of wines, chocolate, pastry products or dairy products and cured meats. The possibility of completing the isothermal box by laminating an external sheet of paper or metallized PET to be personalized with screen, UV or hot printing, allows you to create a sophisticated pack.
  • The isothermal packaging in both XPS and EPS is lighter than a similar one in cardboard or polyurethane or other materials and it is collapsible: it’s supplied flat and contributes to reducing transport and storage costs.


ISOLAMBOX and its environmental impact

Today Isolambox can be produced in BIOLAMINIL® for an eco-sustainable choice.

Isolambox Coldfold® is totally recyclable.

Both solutions can be reused.



IsolamBox Catalogue

The Isolambox range offer a wide selection. Discover our   Catalogue  to find the ideal format to make your projects!


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