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The solutions for isothermal packaging

ISOLAMBOX are products developed by ISONOVA as the ideal solutions to isothermal packaging.

ISOLAMBOX are specific boxes for the cold chain sector, utilized already for many applications relating to pharmaceutical and bio-medical, food, patisserie and fresh products sectors.  These packs protect their content from thermal changes and are ideal for temperature controlled transport within 24 hours, allowing for personalization and quality finishes.



ISOLAMBOX are isothermal boxes produced with sandwich panels by ISONOVA,  starting from LAMINIL®  CLASSIC (link) the endless applications material  with ideal properties for thermal packaging.

ISOLAMBOX’s material consists in a layer of XPS produced in ISONOVA by special extruders and laminated to paper on both sides without the use of CFC or HCFC.  The internal XPS can be laminated to simple Kraft paper on both sides or just on 1 side while on the other the Kraft paper can be plasticized with silver/gold metallized PET.

The thermal resistance of one box made of 5mm material corresponds to (Rm = m².K/W) Rm = 0,495.




Thanks to the material versatility, ISOLAMBOX are produced in 2-3-4-5 mm in any format and dimensions, starting from a maximum panel size of 1200mm.

The boxes can be custom made in terms of quantity and dimensions and can also satisfy the FEFCO standards.

The boxes can be printed directly or laminated to a pre-printed card to be then die-cut by press or plotter machine.

The ISOLAMBOX range is available in a full catalogue with choice of sizes and finishes for direct purchase.  For information please write to


Advantages of the isothermal packs

ISOLAMBOX are foldable boxes. This is a fundamental difference from the traditional pre-formed boxes in expanded polystyrene allowing a substantial transport and warehouse storing cost saving.

Furthermore, the isothermal boxes are suitable for food contact.

Many are the advantages of the ISOLAMBOX packs:

  • The boxes are transported flat, not mounted; the self-mounting model, is sometimes transported in the die-cut full sheet. This allows a weight/volume saving up to 80% during transportation
  • The warehouse storing is reduced by up to 80% compared to packs already mounted
  • The mounting time is quick, in a few simple steps and can take place when needed
  • The containers can be re-used, with a consequent waste reduction
  • The containers are suitable for food contact whether with the Kraft paper or the PET finish
  • The material does not break up, like traditional polystyrene, even after die-cutting and does not generate dust or micro particles which could pollute the contents
  • Extreme flexibility to special requests for customization
  • Elegant look also in the neutral paper finish models
  • Excellent printing resolution with serigraphic or digital direct printing or alternatively off-set for lamination.


Solution for pharmaceutical transport

ISOLAMBOX are the solution which pharmaceutical or bio-medical distributors can opt for the last mile delivery to maintain unaltered the cold chain supply also during the last mile delivery.

ISOLAMBOX are isothermal boxes of various dimensions- also custom made on request – which protect the content from temperature changes and are ideal for the transport at controlled temperature within 24 hours.  The temperature is guaranteed during transport from the warehouse to the final user: a special design of the box allows to insert the data logger inside separating it to the refrigerant device, to monitor correctly the average temperature inside the box.

ISOLAMBOX can be personalised with the manufacturer/distributor logo by direct printing or lamination.


The solution to “LAST MILE” transport

The last phase of transportation of the pharmaceutical product, often managed by contractors, is subject to a series of factors, not directly under the control of the manufacturer and this could compromise temperature stability.

The pharmaceutical products are delivered by couriers to the point of sales and hospitals.  Even with an organized system, it is clear that outside variables can interfere with the process.

In particular in the summer months, it is sufficient to expose the products to extreme heat for a short period of time to compromise the active ingredients.  For example, even if the courier utilizes a refrigerated van, they are obliged to park the van and take the packaged products out in the heat and walk to the point of sale, which, if located in limited traffic areas, can take some time to reach before the products can be safely stored again.



ISOLAMBOX for food

ISOLAMBOX are widely used in the food sector, in patisseries, ice cream shops, chocolate retailers and for wine and spirits products.

The isothermal boxes have the following characteristics

  • Heat insulation properties during the product transportation from the shop to the consumer’s home. The product’s properties and quality are guaranteed by using this type of pack.
  • It is possible to personalise the pack with a luxury or gift finish to give away also in the summer periods. It is possible to decorate the box by using lamination with off-set printing or by printing directly with UV digital or hot foil to achieve a luxury finish.
  • The iso-thermal pack is lighter compared to similar boxes in cardboard or other materials and can be self-mounting, being delivered flat, contributing this way to reduction in warehouse space and delivery costs.


IsolamBox Catalogue

ISOLAMBOX offer a wide choice to meet your needs. Check out our   Catalogue  to find the ideal format to make your projects!



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