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Innovative plastic materials for packaging, graphic arts and visual merchandising

ISONOVA was founded by the Sacco family in 1996 in Volpiano, Turin, and in 20 years of constant research the company has established itself as one of the most innovative companies in Italy in the production of expanded and extruded plastic materials.

Its products are utilized in the sectors of visual merchandising, graphic arts, specialist packaging (isothermal boxes for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries) and industrial packaging.

Some data about Isonova

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The production plant and offices of ISONOVA are in Volpiano (Turin) and occupy an overall surface of 16,000 square meters, of which over 5,000 square meters are covered.

In the plant there are 4 extruders that produce 10 tons of material per day, while the paper / foam lamination process capacity is equivalent to 25,000 square meters per day.  ISONOVA trades in Italy and some EU countries.

The Values of Isonova


Innovation and attention

ISONOVA’s success over time is inspired by a vision aimed at creating the best innovative solutions for customers, offering them the best buying experience. At the same time, we want to create for employees and partners the best working environment in the small / medium-sized industry of Piedmont area.

Product uniqueness and quality, flexibility and ability to co-operate with customers as partners have allowed ISONOVA to become a reference supplier for several sectors.

The company focuses on the development of new products consequence of the company’s attention to the global market trends and needs, adding quality control and a customer-oriented delivery strategy. A rigorous environmental policy leads to the commitment to reducing waste and recycling and to optimization of transport.

As well as being customer-focused, the company invests in its human resources, promoting team work and consolidating a dedicated and proactive working group, capable of responding enthusiastically to the needs of a constantly changing market.

Our values ​​ are:

  • COLLABORATION with our partners
  • PASSION: We work to achieve new goals

Isonova's environmental commitment


Our philosophy

ISONOVA has FSC and PEFC certifications and ISO 9001/2015 certification.

As a producer of plastic materials, ISONOVA feels strongly responsible for undertaking concrete first-hand actions to reduce plastic waste into the environment and pollution.

Our technology allows us to recycle production waste within our production process: the plastic foam, before being laminated to create LAMINIL® panels, can be recycled in the production cycle. LAMINIL® comes in various sizes, depending on customer requirements, to avoid production waste during conversion at other manufacturing sites.

With the aim of reducing waste, we promote sustainable activities, such as the donation of secondary choice LAMINIL® to Non-Profit Associations and Schools.

In 2010, ISONOVA installed a 100kW photovoltaic system, by a European manufacture company, which produces about 120,000 Kw annually. Most of these are used in our production cycle, energy produced on weekends or in general during closures is sold to the network. A good part of LAMINIL® products are self-produced renewable energy products.


Products and markets

Inspired by innovation: with this approach Isonova has created a range of products targeting different markets at international level:

  • Generic and specialist packaging (isothermal boxes for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries)
  • Fine Arts
  • Visual merchandising, printing and digital printing
  • Production of toys
  • Industrial packaging
  • Construction and furnishing
  • Arts & Crafts

Main Production Lines



The result of the union between extruded polystyrene foam and two sheets of paper, cardboard or other plasticized material. It is one of the most used media for advertising in visual merchandising, exhibition stands, packaging and graphic arts.

Bio Laminil®


Bio Laminil® is a consequence of the eco-sustainable policies of Isonova and is the first eco-sustainable support of its kind. Produced and distributed by Isonova since the end of 2017, Bio Laminil® represents an important step forward in plastics. In fact, when disposed of or if dispersed in the environment, it degrades into simple molecules in an average time of 5 years depending on the humidity level.

Isolbox e Isolambox


Isothermal boxes for the cold chain sector, mainly for the pharmaceutical and food sectors. They are customizable and delivered flat, unlike the thermoformed EPS boxes,
offering considerable space saving during storage and
an important economic saving in transport.



Extruded polystyrene foam panels laminated with silver P.E.T. with high insulating and heat reflecting power, to be installed between the radiator and the wall to increase the heating output, reducing the heat loss through the walls by about 35-40%.


isoprint-logo-pannelli-stampa-digitale-espositori-isonovaSandwich panel ideal for digital printing


Poliplat® is a versatile support dedicated specifically to the field of fine arts, prototyping and modelling for design and architecture. It can be hand-worked, painted or cut with the cutter and easily transformed thanks to its lightness and elastic memory.

Silver, Gold e Nero Lam


Laminil® is dressed in silver, glossy gold or black, to offer a sophisticated and unusual finish suitable for creating luxury packs, visual displays, window signage, advertising projects and promotions.

Visual Protect & Bio Visual Protect

Isonova is launching a new product for the Coronavirus emergency: a counter protection blanket. It does not require installation and it has little plastic in respect of the environment. Visual Protect consents to protect people during this emergency period and it is useful for stores with different sales positions. Environmentally friendly product, available in standard materials and in BIO.


Quality and Guarantee

The products of the LAMINIL® and LEDOPACK lines are made entirely in ISONOVA’s factory, ensuring customers continuity of range, control of processing times, availability of stock and the ability to create special products to meet specific needs.



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